January 15, 2010


A lot of people put on masks and pretend to be something they're not. I'm sure you see that in a lot of different cliques at school, and just people in general. There are the popular masquerades, the strong, invincible, but fake front of the scared and suffering, the wanna-be rich kids. But what about faking saintliness? The fake front of being holy? Have you ever faked a strong walk with God?
  • Have you ever raised your hands or dropped to your knees in worship at youth group or at a Christian concert to look holy and a superior worshiper before your Christian peers?
  • Ever signed up for a volunteer activity because you wanted to seem like a super kind, compassionate person who was on fire for Jesus and get praised for it?
  • Ever made up or exaggerated a God moment and broadcrasted it on every social networking site you have an account on to make it seem like you have an extra special relationship with Him?
It saddens me that my answer to a few of these is "yes." Hypocrisy and dishonesty about what's really going on in our relationship with Christ is rampant in the church. And Jesus abhors hypocrisy. Read the Seven Woes in Matthew 23, probably one of the harshest things we have recorded that He said in the Bible. It was directed to the religious leaders of the day, who were very proud and religious and loud in their good works, but inside they were dying. I think one of the things that drives God bananas the most about our hypocrisy is that hypocrites claim His Name, but they drag it through the mud in their arrogance or dishonesty and give unbelievers the wrong impression of what a Christian is like.

Are you dragging His holy Name through the mud? Maybe you aren't even saved, and put on the look of living for God on Sundays but on every other day at school when no one from church or your family is watching, you live like anyone else. Or perhaps you are saved, but you are putting your glory over God's in your own life.

Before we begin the Pursuit of God, we have to know that it's not an outside show for the world to see and praise us for. We need to really, truly be seeking God with our hearts. Examine your heart and your motives. Ask yourself the tough questions that need to be answered. Are you putting on a show? Not being real? Do you need to get on your knees and pray that you will truly, honestly, and authentically be consumed by the passion of the Holy Spirit?

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