February 9, 2010

God's Voice

One thing I have always struggled with is hearing and recognizing the voice of God. I'm still waiting to experience that "booming voice" from the back of your head instructing you to do something very specific. But I've come to realize that God does speak into my life, more than I realize. And He speaks into yours, and to you directly!

You know that gut feeling of The Bible says this is wrong. I need to stop? That's His prompting. Are you obeying? Or the sudden urge to go spend time with God in the middle of your day. That's the Holy Spirit beckoning you to spend some intimate time with the Lord. Or the very strong feeling to befriend a specific person at your school or write your troubled aunt a letter? That could be the voice of Jesus guiding you.

Are you obeying His voice? Are you taking the time to listen for His voice, or is your quiet time all about you talking? God has things to say. Keep your ear open. He may whisper to you as you spend time with Him, or He may suddenly speak as you go throughout your normal day doing normal things, like He did with David, Gideon, and many other people! Obey God's voice and see what amazing things will unfold because of it.

1 comment:

  1. too often i push away from the urging of God pushing me towards talking to someone i don't know. It is sad. This will help me keep in mind that it very well could be God.