December 3, 2010

Sisters of Encouragement

Have you ever seen one of those people who encourage everyone they meet? They usually are really outgoing, super sweet, and ready to do anything to help at a moment's notice. Their lives look all together. We look at them and wonder, Why can’t we be that way too? Why do they get to have everything all together and we have to be the ones suffering? It can be frustrating at times, I know.

Pushing all of our feelings of envy aside, we need to stop and realize that these people are not all together. Although they look like everything is going great, it is not always that way at all. As sisters of Christ, we should always be encouraging to one another, and to others. The next time you see someone who looks like they are having a bad day, stop and ask them what’s up. Be there for them, and encourage them. So remember, the next time you see someone who is hurting, afraid, or even really encouraging…stop and ask them what you can do for them, how you can pray for them, or if they just want to talk. This holiday season, remember to encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ.

In His Love,

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