July 4, 2011

Sunsets and Heaven

Ok, can I just say that our God is awesome? This whole summer so far (since mid May for me...college schedule) I have felt so connected with God. I have felt Him and seen His fingerprints all around me throughout each day. For instance, I have been so awed by some spectacular sunsets! I often go to the gym or go biking or running in the evenings...which gives me the opportunity to see God's handiwork!

You guys know what I'm talking about, right? The fluffy, cumulus clouds, tinged golden at their edges? The radiant sunbeams shining through the clouds? The stormy, dark thunderheads set against a purple and gold sky? Greenish gray mountains hiding the glowing sun and shrouded in mist? The most awesome thing is that each evening, the view is different! Each sunset is never the same. God creates each light show uniquely! He is the most creative artist! The Bible says that the heavens declare His glory and handiwork....but He also uses nature to romance us.

Do you know that feeling you get when you see something beautiful like those sunsets I just described? Your heart flip flops, right? You want to freeze that moment and your heart sings for joy. Just for a moment, you forget your troubles and life's sorrows and revel in God's glory. Can you imagine if life felt like that all the time? Such unspeakable joy! Well, life will be like that one day....in heaven!   We will be constantly surrounded by beauty and wonder. I believe that God is both romancing us (as our  one true Lover) and giving us little tastes of what heaven will be like. I don't know about you, but after witnessing such glory, my heart yearns for heaven!

I would like to encourage you to be sensitive to the little things each day that God wants to use to bring you back to Him. He wants you to be so in love with Him...don't allow yourself to become too hardened so that you miss His fingerprints in this world! Ask Him to make your heart sensitive to Him....and rest in His beauty and glory! Let us always remember to thank our God for His goodness!


Megan Brainerd, from New York, is a busy nursing student who loves to hang out with her friends, read, and play the piano :) Her email is piano93@verizon.net.


  1. What a lovely post! I honestly can't imagine what heaven will be like. I don't believe our human minds could handle it! It's going to be so amazing!


  2. Sunsets are absolutely beautiful! Watching them always reminds me of Psalm 19 and Nahum 1:3 "...the clouds are the dust of his feet."
    Thanks for posting!