August 8, 2011

Like a Bad Haircut

Hello girlies,
      It’s turning into a late summer night in my house. With work approaching more quickly than I would like. I wanted to write you a letter about worship tonight, but it seems that God is turning my heart in a different direction, so I want to tell you about something important tonight as the stars twinkle so brightly overhead. Something as equally important as worship, my hair.

            Wait, wait, don’t stop reading just yet. I’m a storyteller by nature, so just stay with me a bit longer (: There is a lesson involved.

            You see, it all started last Tuesday, the day I got my hair cut. You see, my stylist, I love her to death, but you tell her an inch and the next thing you know there’s four lying in a pile on the ground. But let’s face it, once it’s gone, it’s gone. There’s nothing else you can do except hold your head up and try not to cry. Let’s just say that after I left, I lost it. As girls, I know you can relate. You’ve all had a bad haircut at least once in your life, maybe it was something you picked that didn’t work out, maybe it was too short, or perhaps it just wasn’t what you asked for. Whatever the reason, the only thing you left with was heartache.

            It took me a day or so to realize how silly I was being by moping around mourning the loss of my hair. There were so many people in my life that we’re having greater troubles than just a bad haircut. My friend is having troubles at home with his wife, and he’s just trying to salvage what’s left from a nine-month marriage. My dear aunt is pregnant (about to give birth to my beautiful cousin in just a month), and I know she’s afraid of the month ahead after losing her newborn daughter just over three years ago. There are fathers and mothers out begging for a job to feed their hungry children at home.

            I have a good life, sure there are troubles, rainclouds that darken my days, but still the sun shines. I have a job, a home, and a family that loves me. I have reachable dreams and achievable goals. I have a beating heart, and a True Love that loves me with a love that far surpasses that of any man. And somewhere out there, I have a prince charming waiting to meet me. But instead of reflecting on those things, I’m too busy thinking about how hot is outside, or how I don’t have this, or a body like that.

            If we focus all of our lives fretting about petty things like these, how can we stand before God claiming to live out His life as He asked. We’re supposed to be focused on helping others, but instead we only seem to think of ourselves. God asks us to rise so much higher than this. To become lighthouses of His glory in a murky, numero-uno kind of world. I ask you to think of this last statement today.

            If we were to cast our problems into a pile with that of our friends and neighbors, how quickly would we be to retrieve our problems without complaint?

After looking at it in this perspective, my hair doesn’t look so bad after all. In fact, it’s kind of cute.

Peace to you tonight darlings,

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