March 6, 2010


A poem by Ariel Oliver

Bitter cold bites my cheeks,
Sand is stinging my shins,
Harsh winds assault my hair.

But before me lies beauty -
Aqua waves tumble forward,
Darkening the beige sand.

The beach beckons.

I kick off my shoes,
My soles are greeted by coolness:
I quickly tread the grainy ground.

I breathe in the crisp air.
My caked feet meet the line
Between dry and damp sand.

Pause before the choice.

One inch up invites
The tease of surf.
Warmth surprises.

Tiptoeing breaks into a trot;
My feet slice through the water;
Sand swirls around my ankles.

Exhilaration thrills my heart.

The sea swallows my knees, and I slow down.
I see water ahead curling forward;
Trepidation births inside me and stirs.

The wave, crested in white foam
Stretches forward and nudges me back,
Sweeping past my waist and hips.

Joy inside spills forth to express itself.


Dignity has become foolish.
Being a fool is dignity.
All self image has leaked away.

I spin once more, and then stop to face it.
My breaths are silenced by the surf's whisper.
I watch the waves gently reach up and roll.

The mystery, glory, and power of the ocean stuns me.

This has a hidden spiritual parallel. Are you living recklessly and without concern for dignity for Christ? I know that I am not nearly enough. Ask Him where in your life you need to throw away your self image, and pray for help. He will help us.

1 comment:

  1. Love this poem! It makes me miss the beach! I love Big Water because it helps me see our Big Creator and His majesty. I want to be someone who dances only for Him.
    Miss Jen