May 20, 2010

Hour by Hour

We talk a lot about glorifying the Lord with our lives, but how about our years...months...weeks...days...HOURS? Can we seriously look back at our day at the end of each one and say with confidence, 'God was glorified?'

We talk a whole lot. Dedicating our lives to God is not praying "God, You can have my life". Dedicating our lives is not staying away from cuss words and general bad deeds. Dedicating our lives to God is not even just setting aside 10 minutes to prayer and reading the Word a day.

Dedicating our lives to God is dedicating every hour of our life to service to Him. Seems radical, huh? Seems impossible.

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." (1 Corinthians 10:31)

I'm just going to be honest. I could totally be wrong, so debate with me if you want. But really - is playing video games being dedicated to God? Is surfing the net aimlessly or spending an hour on Facebook taking ridiculous quizzes or playing silly games a life dedicated to God? Is spending money you don't have on designer clothes you don't need dedication to God? What do you think?

But the purpose of this post isn't to condemn you. It's to wake you up, to wake me up.

Our minutes, hours, days, and weeks ARE OUR LIVES. If we are dedicating our lives to God, we're dedicating every second to Him. Are you dedicating every second to Him? I'm not. So today, when you're finished studying school and the priorities you have before you, think over what you're going to do with the time God's given you. Use it wisely. Will you spend it growing closer to Him in prayer? Reaching out to strangers? Helping someone who needs it? Asking your friends how you can help them...pray for them?

Is your life dedicated to God?

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