May 17, 2010

A Productive Summer

Summer's coming!

Isn't it exciting?? I really can't wait for school to be done with. What is your summer going to be like? Some of us are going to have jobs and tons of activities to bog us down and keep us busy the entire summer. But a lot of us also will just have time, time, time on our hands with school out of the way.

Commit to using all your new free time this summer to spend growing deeper in God! The best hope we have for our lives is to be close to Him, so utilize all this extra time in the summer to prayer and growing in the Word. Also, look for places to volunteer and serve Him. His heart is for the orphaned, poor, and widowed, so don't turn a blind eye to them. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, entertain the folks at a nursery home, or just grab a few friends, make some sandwiches, and go downtown in your city to serve the homeless for Christ! Ask God how you can serve Him this summer and allow Him to guide you to the answer.

Girl Talk: How are you going to serve God this summer? What ideas do you have for your sisters in Christ who want to serve Him by helping those in need, but don't know how?

1 comment:

  1. I want to just give Him all of my time, and tell Him (for once) I'm going to do whatever He wants (and obviously, continue to do so when school starts again). I want to spend more time in Bible reading and prayer, and catch up on some schoolwork. Also, I want to write a bit more for Scream E-Zine and hopefully submit a few extra articles :) I'm really excited!!