July 10, 2010

Is 31,000 Verses Too Much?

I heard this on a commercial on the radio today: "The Bible is thousands of pages long, has 66 whole books, and over 31,000 verses! No wonder it's so hard to find the motivation to read it!" They went on to advertise some kind of program that split the Bible into daily readings, I think it was. I was too stuck on being mad at the "hook" message to actually hear what product they were raving about.

"The Bible isn't just a long, boring book!!! It's God's LOVE LETTER to us! It should be EASY for us to read! We should be wanting to read God's Message all of our lives, just taking bathroom and sleep breaks, it's so amazing. We should be wishing His Book was longer, not shorter, so we could have even more of God's voice and heart so accessible. It's the Creator of the universe's LOVE LETTER, you terrible man; how dare you say it's hard to read it because it's so long."

Then, as I was ranting at my radio (well, the guy), I remembered that I was 3 days behind on reading this amazing Book.

I paused. Oops? Hypocrisy, much?

Seriously, though, am I right? Are we totally crazy to say we don't have "enough time" to read God's book for us? ("Ugh, Facebook just takes up my schedule, man.") I mean, I say that we just out with it: we don't read the Bible as much as we could because we are lazy and sinful. We don't have enough of the love of God in our hearts. Once we realize that, we become vulnerable. But God can heal us and place the love of His Spirit, searching out His will, and reading His Word into our hearts. We just need to ask.


  1. AMEN!!! Its not like you have to trick people into it...they should WANT to!!

  2. It's so sad that so many people who call themselves Christians have little or no interest in reading the Bible. It's God's Word, the food of our souls! We should be passionate about it and tremble before it!