July 17, 2010

Move Aside

As Christ followers, we're always pursuing more of God. How can we give Him more of our heart? What's standing in our way of a deeper relationship with Him? We should always ask ourselves these questions.

So, have you asked yourself it lately? I heard someone say to let God in more, you have to move something out of the way. What's something you could cut back on or quit for the sake of God? Maybe you need to cancel your account on one of the sites you frequent. Or cut back on the large amounts of time time you spend on your cell phone or iPod. We love God, and we love to give things up for Him! Even if it's a fast for a week to grow closer to Him, sit down to pray about what you should put aside so the Lord can have more of your heart.

1 comment:

  1. I can attest to the power of fasting and praying. It brings you so much closer to the heart of God, not to mention just letting Him know you love Him. :)