February 11, 2011

Infinite Love

“I love Him. Yes, I love Him. He died upon the cross at Calvary. And I love Him. Yes, I love Him. Oh, but best of all, He loves me.”
~I Know Him

Can you even start to imagine the love God Almighty has for us? Can you even start to fathom? Look around you. Look at the finger-painted sunset, at the birds and trees. He made all of that just for you, and He did it to such pure perfection, that to really think and study into it all would completely blow your mind to pieces. Did you know that the smallest caterpillar has over 223 separate and distinct muscles in its head alone? That’s a lot, for something we could squish with our fingers. Did you know that your heart generates enough pressure to squirt blood up to thirty feet? Or what about the simple fact that trees take up carbon dioxide and release oxygen? I know they teach you that in the third grade, but God thought of that. He spared no detail in creation.

Did you know that the Bible says that God’s work speaks who He is and what He is like? His work shows me that He is not only thoughtful, talented, and creative, but also that His thoughts are far more complex than you or I could ever begin to wrap our tiny minds around. Just think He made all of the wonderful things you see around you to impress you, to make you happy. The Holy Father wants to make us happy; He spared no detail for you. That simple fact would wow me alone. But He didn’t stop there.

You know what really wows me about God? He created the big things too. Like the sun, solar system, and the Milky Way galaxy. Have you ever considered how big these things actually are? Let me give you a little estimate. If you could stand on the sun, and look in the general direction of the earth, the earth would look like a bouncy ball, not the big ones, but the uber small ones. The earth looks like a bouncy ball to the sun, and the earth is home to over 6 billion people. From the edge of the Milky Way, you can’t even see the sun anymore, just a cluster of stars around it? Did you know that if you looked as far as the human can (by aid of the Hubble Telescope); we can see this kind of ovalish thing, full of clusters of galaxies. Clusters that surround other galaxies, like the Milky Way. Basically, from this point, the sun looks like a speck of bacteria to us. You can’t even see it. And that’s the sun.

It blows my mind to even consider not being able to see the sun. God created that, and He’s still bigger. He’s bigger to the point that it hurts your mind to even think about, because as big as we know still isn’t anything to Him. And this is the same God who totally loves us. He sent His only son, the one thing He loved most to die for our benefit, although we did nothing but hurt Him with our past. That is love in its truest and purest form. It’s the agape kind of love, the love that sacrifices for the benefit of others.

Imagine sending the one person that you love most to die. Imagine sending your little brother or sister, or your mom or dad. Imagine sending one of your grandparents, or even your boyfriend. Imagine sending them when you knew without a doubt that they were innocent; sending them to die in the place of a whole bunch of people who weren’t. Imagine having to watch the guilty crowd cheer as your dear one was broken, beaten, spit upon, and hung on a cross in-between common criminals to die. Imagine the sickening sound of the nails tearing through the flesh as the hammer hit. And then sitting there knowing you had the power to do something, but at the same time couldn’t do a thing.

I’m crying as I explain this to you, because I know it’s awful to think about and I know that it’s a bit painful to talk about, but now you know just a portion of what God felt to give us another chance. To see any one of my loved ones in that position would tear me to pieces inside. And if that wasn’t bad enough, imagine having to look away as the one you love took all of that sin on their shoulders. That’s why I get so emotional about Jesus. That’s why I flip out over what He’s done for me.

Because He bore the burden of that cross, even though it was heavy, even though it separated Him from His Holy Father, even though it meant death. He loved me so much that He gave up His life for me, and in the process, He conquered death, hell, and the grave just like He said He would. Jesus is the one guy who will never lie to you, and unlike a lot of others, He’ll always be around. It’s like He’s proposing to you. He’s holding out His hand and asking you to be His forever. And the day you accepted His offer of salvation, you became His Holy Bride, set apart and distinct. He’s coming for you soon. I promise. He can’t wait to bring you home to show His Father. He’s so stinking proud of you it’s crazy.

Do you want to know how Christians keep running to God? Why they just can’t have enough? Think about it like this, you’ve just met this really great guy, and he’s a total hottie. But soon enough, if he’s not the right one, you’ll get bored with him. Want to know why? Because you know everything about him, and he’s no longer a mystery. Praise JESUS! This can never happen in a true relationship with the Creator. He keeps you in the dark to keep you coming. And as you walk with Him faithfully, He reveals things to keep you interested. To encourage and uplift you, to excite you. And then He uses you to show everyone else what their missing out on. Be that light. Fall so fiercely in love with Jesus that people can see you from miles away.

Run to Him and remember the Creator of the universe is crazy about you and is screaming out for your attention; He loves you, as small as you are.


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