March 13, 2011

Author of our Lives

Recently I remembered how my heart once was brought to and kept a place of awe of God's work and plan in and of my life. How He used things to help me see Him in all happenings, which coincidentally was a whole part of the planning. Typically we're not hyper-aware of God's activity in our every day life -- how present and active and dynamic He is in His planning. Something happens -- we meet a new person, get a job, get invited to a party next week, receive $50 from our grandparents -- we think, "Cool" and walk away. Thinking it's just another thing that happens. Like our lives are just "happenings" stacked back to back. We forget that God has an idea for all that! That He is active and working to complete the grand picture He has for our lives. That there's a plan.

I realized the other day that if we constantly recognize that concept -- that God is the author of our lives, and that He's always writing -- we become better tools of God to shape ours and others' lives. Why? Because we embrace each moment as a moment from God more, and treat it as such! And when we treat it as such, it opens doors. We get to know that new person and keep in touch, cementing what could be a valuable new connection. We look for ways to truly serve in our new job. We cherish the time at that party with our friends, inviting God's work even there. We really think about how the Lord might lead us to spend that $50! Maybe it was an answer to one of our prayers, or He wants us to hang onto it because He intends to use it as an answer to someone else's prayers.

I think more often should we as Christ followers call events in our lives puzzle pieces, always keeping in mind that He has a big picture He's putting together...or as a domino in a chain of dominoes...or as a thread in the tapestry.

And don't forget about recognizing our entire lives as a whole as a centimeter of a thread of God's tapestry for His world plan. Now that's exciting!

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  1. Thanks for this post Ariel, I was actually noticing all the little things as acts from God recently, and I thought it was cool you posted about this today. :) Thanks,