March 2, 2011

Trusting The King of Kings

Hi girls,

I am going to be honest with you guys. A struggle I have been going through these past few weeks, and possibly even months, has been trusting in God. I tend to want to take control of my own life, as many of us tend to do, and not let God run the show. I think this boils down to a trust issue. We sit back and go, "Uh God? I don't know if you can handle this's kinda big after all..." So we decide to take the problem on ourselves. Instead of handing our problems over to the Creator of the Universe, we decide to take the problem into our own hands. Do you want to guess what happens when we do that? We fail. Every time. The truth is girls, we can not tackle these life difficulties and problems by ourselves! God is calling out to you. He wants to take these problems and give us peace, rest, comfort and love. But girls, he can NOT take our problems for us unless we give them to him. I am going to repeat this again. God can not take our problems for us and give us peace, love, comfort and joy...unless we GIVE THEM to HIM!

I know you might be thinking. "Okay, Okay...this sounds great. But don't you know it's hard to give up something to God?" Yes, girls. I know. Honestly, I am still fighting to try to give up certain things to God. I think some things are easier then others. It really all depends on you. But spend time praying about it. I have found the more I have gotten to know who Jesus was, the more and more I give up things to him. It all goes back to that trust thing again. Think about it. When you meet someone for the first time are you going to sit down and tell them every little bit of your life, and even them with difficult problems and situations in your life? No! This is because we want to make sure we can trust them first. But it all takes time to get to know someone, God included. So girls, take some time getting to know God, your amazing father. Trust him to be able to handle these problems you give him. He cares and loves you more then you can ever imagine. All we need to do is trust him. Remember he is the King of Kings, no problem is too big or to small. He wants to hear them all.

Girl Talk: What is one thing you have trouble giving up to God?

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