May 1, 2011

Stressed Out? Your Not Alone!

Do you ever just bring yourself to a point of being so stressed out, and so overwhelmed you just feel like doing nothing anymore because you have so much to do? I have felt that way in my life so many different times. We start to freak out saying, "I have 2 full days worth of homework to get done, school projects due this weekend, my best friend wants to talk, I'm going on vacation, how in the world will I have enough time to get all of this done?" So I doubt all those things are currently happening in your life right now. That would be a LOT! But I think you know what I am trying to say. Sometimes we just bring ourselves to this point of having so much to do, being so overwhelmed that we honestly just feel like shutting down.

In my personal opinion, we are doing this to ourselves. We naturally think about the BIG picture. This is how much I have to get done by tomorrow, the weekend, or even next month. What we should start doing though, is looking at the SMALL picture. The little things. Like the school work problem, for example, you have to days worth of homework to complete by Sunday? That's alright. Just take it slow. One subject at a time. Packing for vacation? Easy! One step at a time. I want you to do something with me. Think of a problem that you are struggling with right now. Weather it be lots of school work, finals coming up, vacation to pack for, or a stressful workload, I'm sure everyone has an idea of something in their life that is just getting to be too much! When you get that idea in your head,imagine Jesus standing right there with you. Helping you with that, guiding you as you get through that stressful situation. Feel a lot better now, right?

Sometimes life just sneaks up on us. We realize we have all this stuff to do and no time to get any of it done. I know that normally, this would be cause to freak out, but in reality, Jesus is right there with you. He is guiding you to get through it, whispering to you all along the way. So I just really wanted to encourage you that if you are feeling like everything is too stressful and overwhelming, go to God about it! Remember that he is right there with you to help encourage you through what you are going through, regardless of what that might be. If you want to talk to someone who understands that feeling of frantically being stressed out and overwhelmed, feel free to email me at

In Him,

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