June 2, 2011

Job Applications - God = Bad Idea


Looking for a job is easy. Filling out an application is hard. Being accepted is great. Being turned down is devastating. Lately, my job hunting experience has been hard and devastating.

 I've applied for multiple different jobs this past month (Ok, If I'm being honest with myself, I've been trying since before Christmas but took a long break) and no one has called me. Tuesday (my 17th birthday), I filled out two more applications. One for a retailer at Cracker Barrel (my kind of job!) and one for a cashier at Michael's (One word. Discounts!) Who knew that filling out the Michael's application would take up 3 WHOLE HOURS! I kid you not. They even made me do a timed quiz on math and vocabulary. I do believe that was more stressful then my SATs.

Lately, I've been getting devastated. So many jobs that I would love to have and enjoy, and noting back. While filling out the Cracker Barrel application, A verse popped into my head. It was Proverbs 3:5-6.

"Trust in the Lord with all thin heart and lean not unto your own understandings. In all they ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path."

Before, I was just filling things out hoping (not praying) that I would get the job. I totally forgot to add God into the equation. (I guess that math quiz is making me talk all math-y) I will admit, I was praying when I called our New (well, it's opening this weekend) Christian bookstore and coffee shop asking if they were hiring, thinking I would be great at that job. Christian books + coffee= Perfect job for me! They had, sadly, already made their hiring decisions. You could of heard my heart break.

A lot of times, we go through life 'forgetting' to ask God what He wants in our life. We just do what we want to do and hope for the best. News flash, ladies, GOD KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR US! Let the Creator of this universe, of you, do what He has planned for you. Next time you come across something, whether it can be life changing or not, say a prayer to God and asks Him, "Is this what You want for me?"

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  1. I've totally been in this situation! I was looking every where for a job...and then one day I got hired! Just keep praying and looking; you will find a job and be hired:)