May 20, 2011

Flame of God

Amy Carmichael is one of my greatest spiritual heroes. She was an Irish missionary in the 19th century to Japan, China and India, where she rescued over a thousand children from slavery. Her life was truly one that was poured out without reserve at the feet of her Beloved Jesus. Not only was she a faithful missionary, but a talented writer and poet. I have been inspired again and again by her commitment expressed through her writing. In particular, I am continually challenged and uplifted by this prayer-poem, from her book Toward Jerusalem, which I hope will also encourage you today:

From prayer that asks that I may be
Sheltered from winds that beat on Thee,
From fearing when I should aspire,
From faltering when I should climb higher
From silken self, O Captain, free
Thy soldier who would follow Thee.

From subtle love of softening things,
From easy choices, weakenings,
(Not thus are spirits fortified,
Not this way went the Crucified)
From all that dims Thy Calvary
O Lamb of God, deliver me.

Give me the love that leads the way,
The faith that nothing can dismay
The hope no disappointments tire,
The passion that will burn like fire;
Let me not sink to be a clod;
Make me Thy fuel, Flame of God.
- Amy Carmichael

To read more about this amazing woman of God, I'd highly recommend A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael by Elisabeth Elliot.

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