May 16, 2011

Sandcastles, Ocean Waves, & Rainy Days.

  I absolutely loathe going to the beach. It’s hot and the sand gets everywhere. Despite of my hatred
of the beach, I love watching the little kids lug all of their little toys out searching for the perfect spot for the sandcastle of all sandcastles. They start out with a smooth, flat foundation, and slowly build the walls and finally after spending more time than they have ever spent on anything in their life, their castle is done. Mom comes running with the camera, and just before they can snap the picture, a wave comes and washes the whole thing away. The disappointment is clear on the child's face, but it is just one of the hard facts of life; you cannot build your sandcastle too close to the crashing waves. 
    Let's look at this in another way. You are the sandcastle. The world is your wave, but it is also your 
foundation. You are trying to be a good person, but the wave comes in and throws you down. The world has the best advantage, because when the wave comes, your foundation also gives way. No matter how hard you try to stand firm, the world keeps knocking you off your feet. NOW picture this. You ask JESUS CHRIST into your life, and HE becomes your foundation. Suddenly, you have some stability in your life. JESUS moves you to HIS rock solid foundation away from the ocean's harmful waves. 

        So now you begin to live entirely for GOD :), and as you glorify the ULTIMATE CREATOR, you build your sandcastle higher and higher. The goal height? Straight to the heavens. You work hard, and your castle reaches up to the sky. It is a beauty. Many people are inspired to follow your example. 
     A new problem now arises. YOU get selfish. You want to live your life for yourself, and your eyes are taken off of GOD. Your blueprints get lost in the clouds, and then the rain comes. You don't notice the rain destroying your sandcastle until it's much too late. Your castle has already been washed away. So there you stand with nothing left to show for your CHRISTIAN walk, BUT HERE'S the GREAT THING. YOUR FOUNDATION is still there. 

   So here you stand with JESUS between you and the angry world waiting to tear you apart, and here's the really cool part. JESUS stops the rain and clears the sky. Your blueprints and goals are once again visible, and HE shows you how to watch the sky. He tells you to always watch the sky no matter what, to NEVER take your eyes off of the CREATOR, and HE shows you exactly how to hold the umbrella when the rain comes. JESUS shows you how to protect your castle when the storms roll in, and how to stay safe until the sun comes back out.
     JESUS is the one guy who promises NEVER TO LEAVE. HE said HE will stay with us always, and HE means it. HE is our only bridge to heaven, and our best shield from the cold world. ONE day here soon, we'll all be standing in heaven, with castles made from something a lot more glorious than sand. But until that day, don't take your eyes off the CREATOR, and remember to always trust in JESUS.
                                                      Shine Bright Today, 
                                                         Emily.Ann. :)

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