November 30, 2011

Becoming Like Jesus

Here's food for thought: am I more like Jesus today than I was yesterday? I actually have this question posted on my computer dashboard. It's so thought provoking! I mean how many of us really consider each day to be special and an opportunity to grow in Christ? I know I don't. Each day is more like something I just try to get through...I'm often in survival mode!

But this is where God calls us to be different. We're not supposed to go from day to day merely sustaining ourselves. We're supposed to make the most of each day, no matter how mundane, so we can grow in Him and glorify Him! So let's really evaluate our progress. I challenge you, before you go to sleep at night, to think over the day and consider what you accomplished for Him, and if you're more like Jesus as a result. Let me know what happens!


Megan Brainerd, from New York, is a busy nursing student who loves to hang out with her friends, read, and play the piano :) Her email is

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