March 6, 2012

Before You

Before You, I was lost.

Before You, I had nothing.

Before You, I was lonely.

 I was searching for something.

I was searching for something to make me whole.

Something to mend this broken heart of mine.

But I discovered that it wasn’t something I was looking for.

It was Someone and He would make me just fine.

But He made me more than just fine.

He turned me into something great.

He made me one of His children.

Now eternity with Him is my new fate.

Before you, I was lost.

Before you, I had nothing.

Before you, I was lonely.

But with You, I am more than just something.

I am someone.

I am Yours.

Love, Haylie

1 comment:

  1. Praise the LORD for His love! He has given us so much--so much more than we ever deserve!