March 25, 2012

Him Alone

Nothing truly satisfies but God.

My stubborn heart's been being taught that more often recently. After taking part in anything, sinful or not, for too long, I'm left feeling empty. Friends, school, career, music, guys...anything but God. And it's for such an obvious reason. God is the only thing that matters, guys. The other things may matter a little in this life, but when we're drawing our last breath, when we're rising from the grave for judgment day, and really when we're just going through life daily - acknowledging Jesus as Lord of our lives is the only important thing. The fullest life we can possibly get is a life of craving more of Him.

"Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth." Psalm 73:25

Everything just fades away in the light and love of God. Holding grudges become a nonsensical idea. Pursuing riches turns into a huge waste of time. Holding anything in an esteem near as high as what is meant for something holy won't even tempt us if we silence our lives for a while and realize how amazing God is, simple as that, and praise Him for saving us.

It's more simple than we make it... just worship and want to know God. That's our life, girls. Let's go after it.

Love in Him,

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