March 27, 2012

Goodbye from Ariel

I can only echo all the wonderful things that Haylie wrote in the previous post! I'm sad to see Passion go as well - it was a big part of my life for a long time, and I got so much joy from seeing God work through everything that happened here to encourage His daughters. I'm so thankful for Him for bringing us all to and through this, and I pray and know that it touched all you girls to live more deeply for Him.

For this blog, thank you soooo much for the staff - Haylie our manager for making the schedules, welcoming our new staffers SO enthusiastically, her ideas and networking with her AWESOME current mag Lilies Among Thorns, and writing such touching posts for us to enjoy! Annie our blog designer - look at this amazing template! She's incredible. And to all of our wonderful writers who were passionate about getting their stuff sent in time, guest posters - everyone who contributed their heart-to-heart writings for our sisters to study. You guys are awesome.

My last words can only be to look to the Cross and know how MUCH God demonstrated His love for us through the death and resurrection of Jesus (Romans 5:8). Our story of Jesus personally pursuing us, redeeming us from sin, giving us His Spirit to help know Him more here, and coming back to take us lovingly into heaven is true and life-changing. Let it be the root of all that you do, and be free about sharing the story with love! Let it define your life. He is worth it.

I love you girls! Again, if any of you need to contact me, my email is I hope to hear some of your stories and to know how I can pray for you!

Your sis in Him,


  1. Okay...I'm just curious. I've been following the Pursuit/Passion Magazine for a month or so now, and I'm just wondering why you all are quitting. I absolutely love all I've read, and would like to see it go on, but maybe there's a reason I've just missed. Thanks for all the encouragement you have given us!

  2. Hey Esther, this is Ariel. I'm really glad that you've been loving everything you've seen! It's more like retiring than quitting, really. It boils down to me not having the time to run Passion anymore and feeling led to another season of my life. I see that the webmag's really run its course, too - we've covered a lottt of topics several times over, if you check our archives. You're so welcome! Praying for you Esther :)

    1. Alright, that makes sense! I can SO understand why you would have to retire--life just gets to busy after a while. Thanks again! God bless as you enter a new page on life's book.

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