April 20, 2011

Anyone Seen A God Sighting? (:

Hey everyone! I sent this email out to the subscribers earlier tonight and decided to post it here too so you all can read it. (:

Hi girls! (:

I hope you all are having an amazing week! I wanted to let you girls know about a mini challenge that is going to go on, starting today. It's called God Sightings. I know how easy it is to get caught up with the busy things in life. Working on school work, having a job, keeping up with your friends, and doing any extra volunteer work can take a lot of time out of your day, and even week! So I created this challenge to challenge you girls to find the little things in life. The small little things like a butterfly flying past, or the beautiful sunset. Just something small that speaks to you and it is so easy to see that it's just God. Because girls, the thing is that God loves you so much that he does little things for you each and every day. Think about this for a second. God loves you so much that his own son was put on the cross to die, just for YOU! Just for YOU! Amazing, huh? So if he loves you that much, don't you think he gives you little gifts through the day to remind you how much he loves you? (:

So here is what you do. You try to find a few things throughout your day that are from God. It can be something small, or something big, but just something that is so encouraging and tells you that God is right there with you helping you out. Then when you find a few things, or even lots of things, send them to me at passion@passionwebmag.com. At the end of the month I will compile ALL of the entries sent in and email them to you. They will also be posted here on the blog. The point of this is to find the little things that remind you that God is always there for you, then in return they will be shared with everyone else and you can encourage them too! Awesome right? (: So this challenge starts today. Have fun with it, and be creative. You never know what you could find!

In Him,
Angelica- Assistant Editor/Blog Contributor


  1. I am like this all the time =] I try to be outside as much as possible everyday. My daughter loves the outdoors and we're always watching the sunset together or finding little creatures out in the woods and enjoying the little things in nature. Seeing things like this help calm and humble me.