April 25, 2011


Hey girls,

With Easter already over with, I wanted to share a little thought with you all. I know it's easy to imagine Jesus as an unapproachable King. But this is so far from the truth. I think that so often, we look at Jesus and think, well, He's way up there, I'm way down here, and I want something tangible. I want something I can see, I want something I can feel. I want a relationship that is real.
People tell us over and over that Jesus loves us, and that He wants to be our perfect Prince. That He wants to be our perfect Groom. But for those of us still waiting for our prince charming on earch, for our Mr. Right, we want a real relationship right? Not one with someone off galavanting somewhere in the sky. Maybe it will help to think about it like this.

What is your idea of a perfect man?

Personally, I want someone who is funny. Someone who likes sunny days, adores oceans, and thinks museums are cool. I want someone who knows the joy of finishing a really good book. Someone who will make me laugh, and cry from laughing so hard. I want someone who is family oriented and hard working. Someone that my children can look up to. Someone who will cry when needed and tell me his regrets and fears. I want to marry a storyteller, a dreamer, a wisher, a believer in prayer. Someone who believes in hope, love, and happiness. I want someone I can miss, but also someone I know that would sacrifice his life for his family, and his King Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the Holy King, the Perfect Lamb, the Living Sacrifice was a man, and during that time, He lived, laughed, and loved. He sang, and ate and cried. He healed the sick, and taught the poor. He loved the people who hated Him. He walked along winding dusty roads. He ate with sinners. He fed the crowds and calmed the seas. He was tempted, tried, and finally lay down His life for His Bride.

He thinks you are beautiful, that you are worth more than the oceans and stars. He adores you like crazy, and He only wants your best dreams to come true. He is the ultimate love, and I know that the only way I will be able to love my future husband the way that I need to is if I love Jesus with everything that I have. And the only way that he will be able to love me is if he in turn loves Jesus too. Jesus willing gave up His life so that you and me could enter the ultimate love experience with the best Man to ever walk the planet. Next time you find yourself wanting something more real, pray this prayer.
I love you. I know who you are, and I know the things that you've done. But to know you is to want to know you more. Reveal yourself to me in ways that I have never imagined. Help me understand how amazingly real you are. You are my perfect love. And I love you.
Amen (:

And remember girls, to have a good relationship with someone, you have to be willing to give an equal share. He gave up his life for you, shouldn't you be willing to give yours to Him as well? And trust me, when you do, He will do the most beautiful things with your life. (:
Dwell in the newness of your Perfect Love tonight.

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